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Self -Discovery

You live your life waiting for the moment when your dreams will come true so that you can love yourself…

You wait endlessly for the right person to come so that you’ll never stay alone by yourself…

You keep searching for validation in people’s eyes to an extent that  you become so afraid of leaving your comfort zone .

Yes I know these things are so beautiful ( people’s validation , successes,& life partners..)

But do you know what’s more beautiful???

Having to lose them all !!!

You’d then be forced to take the self discovery path which is so uncomfortable, but the thing about it, is that you have nothing to lose!


It’s okay to be a failure 

There are times when you have to give up because the thing you’re fighting for was never meant for you…

Yes I believe that if there’s something you want so badly you have to fight for it no matter how many times you fall down….

But on the other hand you have to accept that you might be a failure at many things in life and it’s really not a bad thing…

Limiting Beliefs

Maybe the thing that hurts us the most isn’t there to teach us anything ..

It is there to dissolve the wrong beliefs we’ve carried in our early years …..


Endless journey

We loved in a way that  our bodies couldn’t help but exchange our souls…

But there was an endless journey we were destined  to walk, 

We were destined to start  a non-existent story in this world.. 

Though it had started many years ago deep in our hearts… 

The mind refused to manifest it in this life; the love was so unique that it failed to believe it wasn’t an illusion…


What Life Is All About

12 June 2017

It’s our belief of how life should look like that makes it so hard…

We think that life is all about losing hope and  achieving goals when it’s really not true..

Think of it like this, after achieving any goal you’ll definitely search for another one and ofcourse your happiness will lessen immediately … So is it beneficial for us to depend on success whenever we want to feel alive?

We’re so blind to the fact that life is all about the moments you stand up for yourself and you act upon any thought that comes up on your mind whether it’s good or bad 

Life is about the turnarounds,the setbacks and the ups and downs

Life is the period when  everything in your world falls apart and everyone thinks of you as a failure yet deep down you’re so proud of  how much you knew about yourself and the world along this journey…


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